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Natural Flax Linen Latex Pocket Spring Mattress

Available Size:
Single: 190x90x18cm
Super Single: 190x107x18cm
Queen Size: 190x150x18cm

Please kindly check showroom for availability.

All materials, including natural latex and individual pocket spring are transparent.

Features of Individual Pocket Spring Latex Mattress with Flax Fibre

This natural mattress uses fabric made from imported natural Turkish flax linen. This type of fabric is different from the common knitted fabric mattresses found on the market. The unique structure of flax fibers allows indoor air to circulate within the fibers, carrying away the heat emitted by the human body, providing excellent temperature regulation. In addition, this fabric also has features such as anti-static, anti-dustmites, no pilling, and durability. Its durability is more than 10 times that of knitted fabric, significantly extending the lifespan of the entire mattress, creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping space for you.

Our Mattress Collection

Ibenma offers a wide range of mattresses for children, including foam, memory foam, spring, pure latex, and latex plus pocket spring options, all under one roof.

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