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Learn More About Bunk Bed

All bunk beds are transformed from one foundational model of a modular bed, allowing you to customize your child's bed from this versatile base point.

Bunk beds are available in two height, mid height for junior and high bunk bed for teens and adults. Height is adjustable for more convenience.

You may choose bunk bed with straight ladder, ergonomic ladder or storage staircase placed at different position to meet your bedroom space requirements.

Bedframes are all crafted from 100% solid wood and waterborne paint for enhanced safety, sustainability and durability.

How to Choose Bunk Bed from a Variety of Options of Modular System

1. Begin by measuring your bedroom space and determining the ideal location for your bed, especially for those who value Feng Shui principles.

2. Consider the height of the bed, taking into account the profile of the children and any constraints such as false ceiling height. Ensure there's sufficient clearance for ceiling fans or lights.

3. Plan ahead for the placement of the ladder or staircase.

4. Note that with Ibenma beds, the ladder or staircase can be positioned on any side - front, back, left, or right thanks to its modular design system.

5. Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the height of Ibenma modular bunk beds according to your needs.

6. Refer to the standard benchmarks dimensions for Ibenma modular beds featuring ladders or staircases.

Ladder Option: L201 x W99-114 x H165-185cm.

Staircase Option:L250 x W99-114 x H165-185cm.

7. Customize your child bed from this #Foundational Model of modular bed now!

8. Seek advice from a sales representative to simplify the purchasing process and address any concerns.

Bunk Bed Pricing

Pricing varies depending on size, height, color, and optional parts. For detailed pricing information, please contact Ibenma via WhatsApp for personalized assistance.