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SJ06 Book Shelf for bunk bed and loft bed)

Bookshelf designed for #Bunk Bed and Loft Bed

Placing a bookshelf between the bunk and loft bed provides easy access to books and belongings for your child while they relax before bedtime. It creates a cozy and convenient reading nook, encouraging a calming bedtime routine. Plus, having their favorite books within arm's reach can help foster a love for reading and make bedtime a more enjoyable experience.

Dimension: L1908 x D280 x H450mm

Colour: Natural wood or Whitewash colour.

Material: 100% Solid Pine Wood and waterborne paint with low VOC.

Prior to placing your order, we recommend double-checking your bunk bed or loft bed dimensions to ensure a perfect match if your existed bed was not from Ibenma.

Transform bedtime into a delightful reading adventure with our innovative bookshelf solution now!

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