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SM204A Bunk Bed with Shared Staircase - Single or Super Single - L type

Brief to L type Bunk and/or Loft Bed combination

Discover the versatility of our L-type bunk and/or loft bed combination, designed to maximize space and functionality in your child's bedroom. With its innovative L-shaped design, this bed configuration offers multiple sleeping options while optimizing floor space. Whether you choose to set it up as a traditional bunk bed or as a loft bed with an additional sleeping area below, this versatile configuration provides ample room for sleepovers, study sessions, and more. Crafted with quality materials and built to last, our L-type bunk and/or loft bed combination is the perfect solution for growing families.

This L shape Modular Loft bed comes in Standard Single and/or Super Single size for space saving bedroom with future flexibility.

This combination of modular bed comes in Standard Single and/or Super Single size separately at your demands.

Bed Frame Size
Fitted Mattress
Standard Single
1850 or 1650
Standard Single
Super Single
1850 or 1650
Super Single

Note: unit:mm,all mattress size are Singapore local size

1. 100% solid pine wood from ;

2. Certified nontoxic and low VOC waterborne paint.

1. Made from 100% Solid Pine Wood from ;
2. Modular design: one Model can be transformed in hundreds options at your demand;
3. EN71-3 standard certified;
4. One year warranty, extendable to up to five years;
5. Top notch non-toxic waterborne paint (safer and healthier);
6. Children friendly design;
7. Lasts a lifetime: suitable for both children and adults;
8. Available in fusion (mixed brown and whitewash) and whitewash color;
9. Storage staircase for safer climb;

How the IBENMA® Modular Bed Works

Designed for limitless customization, offering hundreds of options bunk and loft bed based on a single model.

How the IBENMA® Bunk Bed Converts to a Single Bed

Effortlessly transform your bunk bed into a single bed with our simple, modular design.

Modular Bed for Both Child And Adult

Elevate your child's sleep with the comfort and safety of our modular bed.

Safety and comfort features of our modular children's bed

About Modular Bed Pricing

Prices of Ibenma® Modular Bed are subject to different size, height, colour and Options.

Please kindly #Whatsapp Us for further details;

Learn More About Modular Bed For Kids Before You Buy

1. All pictures and colors are for illustration purposes only.

2. Tables, bookshelves, wheeled underneath drawers, pullout beds, mattresses, extra guardrails, and accessories such as bedding, canopies, and curtains are sold separately in package deals.

3. Unless explicitly requested, the bed base color is natural wood.

4. Whitewash color may exhibit slight visual differences due to the nature of whitewash painting techniques and the natural wood grain.

5. Visit Ibenma's showroom to explore the products you're interested in.

Package deals for #Children Mattress, #Bedding and #Bed Accessories are available.

All our beds are designed to fit standard single, super single, and queen-size mattresses in Singapore. Mattresses are sold separately.

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