children's bunk beds - tips for selection

In Singapore, along with influx of immigrants, flats trend to become smaller than before. for example, in 90's, one 5 room HDB flat is more than 120 SQM, now new BTO flat is only less than 110 SQM. If you have more than one child at home and you do not have enough bed room to fit individual beds, then you have to think about bunk bed as a solution in default. There are a lot of different Bunk beds in the market, and you will be mixed when you face a lot of choice, which one is best for your requirements. Now let's figure out some tips before you go outside to purchase one bunk bed to save your time, energy and pocket.

Children Bedroom space and constraints:

Before you hunt for one bunk bed, you'd better measure your bedroom space again and write down the maximum length, width and height to place new coming bunk bed. Because different bunk beds have different size, you must take it into account when you evaluate one bunk bed in the mall or store. For example, bunk bed from ibenma is from 2.05 meters to 2.52 meters in length and 0.9m to 1.6m in width, you must think which size is most suitable for your bedroom.

modular bed
Secondly, you'd measure the ceiling height, you have to make compromise with height of bunk bed and ceiling.
Thirdly you should estimate the distance from bunk bed to ceiling fan,because children like to play on the top bed,
it is easy to touch the ceiling fan with swinging clothes etc.some injury may occur if you ignore this point.
Lastly you should note the window position. Normally when your bunk bed face to window, if your window
keep unlock,it is very dangerous for excited children.

Children Bunk Bed and Loft Bed Safety:

Bunk bed safety should be first one priority when you choose one bunk bed. Your children usually like to play in the bunk bed, jumping or sliding, so bunk bed must provide enough support for external forces, you'd better to test the stability in person.
A safe children furniture at least should not have any sharp corner or edge due to characteristics of children. Ladder and guardrail should be in accordance with international standards. please refer HERE for children bunk bed guardrail standard. normally you can choose staircase because it is safer than ladder.

children modular bed

Ergonomic ladder, safe staircase with big drawer inside

Children Bed Life Cycle and Durability:

singapore solid wood furniture for children and adult

A good furniture should be durable and protected by warranty. screws should be long lasting and whole bunk bed can be resusable when you move the bed from one place to another.

Ibenma furnitures are flexible enough to accompany your child through his entire childhood as all beds come with a standard size designed not only for children but for adults. All chairs and tables are height adjustable to facilitate your child's growth as well.

The combo designs of the beds give you the freedom to constantly change the design of a room. This would come in handy when privacy becomes important for your child. The beds can be separated into components to rearrange the bed set into a single bedroom design.

modular loft bed with study table space

Desks and bookshelves from Ibenma are easy to assemble and can be combined as well to change the layout of the room whenever you want.

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