Children Mattress

As responsible parents, we need to seriously consider which kind of mattress would be used for your lovely children because their bones and body are still under developing. Good mattress can provide good support for their spine problem. Quality sleep for your children is much benefitical to their study and play. Here are some points you may consider before you decide to choose one mattress for your children.

Mattress Materials
is mattress made from Spring system, latex or memory foam partially or fully? pocket spring system? 100% natural latex? where are those materials from? specially designed for children health? is it anti dustmites, anti-bacterials, are there any certificates related to mattress you can check its quality assurance?
ibenma latex mattress certificate

Mattress Maintenance
Possibility to machine wash? zipped cover you can change? need water proof function for your children?

Mattress Durability
Any warranty? what age can be used until?

Mattress Size
check your children bed dimension and suitable mattress space to buy suitable size mattress.

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