What is latex and how to choose Children latex mattress

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when you plan to choose one mattress for your kids, you may be very confused which one is better for children health specially when your kids is under development of spine. Choosing one suitable for your children from thousands of brand and materials such as memory form, spring mattress, foam mattress, latex mattress and mixture of above components etc would be not easy at beginning time. Now we mainly discuss the latex series products.

What is latex

latex is raw material, a milky white liquid composed of rubber particls dispersed in water. for the production of latex foam bedding components, usually a mixture of both natural and synthetical latex is used. natural latex is derived from the rubber tree, hevea brasiliensis, which grows in plantations in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Congo, Ivory Coast, India and Sri Lanka etc; SBR latex is mixture of two derivates of crude oil of styrene and brutadene; Blend latex is blend of SBR-latex and natural latex.In the latex industry, 100% natural latex can not be achieved due to character of natural latex rubber.in order to get high quality and same time eco-friendly to human body, main stream production in Europe is to blend natural latex with some part of SBR-latex which can results to high quality latex foam products along with soft and milky touch and high flexibility.

But when you decide to choose one latex mattress, you of course will be lost for a lot term of latex description such as 100% latex, natural latex when you face to sales person. as per a precautious advice, 100% natural latex is impossible in the industry practice because 100% natural latex can not be produced to one normal product due to its characteristics. And same time not matter which kind of production techniques used such as Dunlop etc or how best their mattress introduced by salesperson, what you are needed to concen is whether your interested products have certified by international institues.you only need to grab following three certificate plus original import documents such B/L if they claimed that their products were imported from some branded mattress country such as Belgium, Spain, Italy etc.It would be very simple and easy to make decision!

Oeko-tex Standard 100 for harmful substances.Specially when you are looking for mattress for baby, you should take care this certificate.
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euro Latex ECO-standard for harmful substances
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LGA certificate/mark for life time testing when you are not sure about the warranty, you need to check this certificate and related testing reports.
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