Rules for children's furniture

GREEN for children

Children's furniture should be made from environmentally friendly material. Natural solid wood is the best material for manufacture of children's furniture which will produce less harmful chemicals compared with artifical board such as MDF,Plywood,chipwood and particle wood etc. In addition, children's furniture is very careful on the use of paint, it should use lead-free non-toxic paints for children's furniture without stimulation.for MDF(medium density fibre) board, we should check its formaldehyde emission level before we purchase them. according to EN71,all MDF used in children's furniture must be at least E1(1.5mg/l) level. Japan is more strict which require E0 (0.5mg/l) level.

All materials are MDF E0 standard or full solid wood to make the desk GREEN! Painting are non-toxic and lead free.

SAFETY for children

Children's body balance is poor, all furniture should not have sharp angles to avoid possible injury. Bed should not only be firm for possible jumping, but also have a certain height and side protection to prevent children from falling down. Cabinet door should be easy to open and safe to prevent children from being scratched.

All the angle do take round curve process to avoid any potential injury to children.

simple modular bed

Enhanced bed slats for more children safety concern.

Practical Furniture for children

Practical principles is essential for children furniture, we can not only care about good-looking upon your kids point of view but also children growing facts. Some children like to play hide-and-see in the curtain under the loft beds, but is it practical to long time? is this investment practical? Therefore, height of tables,desks and chairs should be adjustable to fit for growing of children and furniture would be more durable to fit for several years old to teenages or even adults.

Durable Furniture

Because the children are constantly growing, before we plan to buy children's furniture, we should consider whether continued use of this furniture. One good children's furniture should meet all the children's developmental needs and make sure it wont lose its functions along with children growing. Most durable and valuable furniture should be made from natural solid wood.

singapore modular single loft bed, super single loft bed

The height of desk and chair can be adjusted with 3 level seperately along the growing of children

Fun for children

As per curious and playful nature of children, children's furniture would meet the child's psychological characteristics with fun, gaming, learning, and practical functions together. Good designed furniture can meet the children's curiosity and help to explore the endless desires. For some self assembly furniture, it will be good opportunity to ask your children to help assemble the furniture together with you.

modular family bed, bunk bed for family solution

Solid for children

Children's furniture should be the focus of a firm, and has a certain weight, so that children can not be easily lifted and toppled. Children are vulnerable to accidental damage due to easily stepped turn chairs and tables.

Easy to clean for children

Children's furniture should be water proof and cleaned easily . You can not imagine your children to cherish their furniture just like the beginning of purchase, they would like to write or paint on the furniture.these are their characteristics, you can not prevent them from doing these actions, so easy to clean should be your concern to buy children's furniture for them.


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