how to avoid furniture bugs

There were many reports that new furniture delivered to new house have bugs inside and made house messy.

Here is some questions you may ask yourself before you make decision to buy any furniture:

 wood phytosanitary certificate

First question: where are wood from reliable source?

Usually manufacturer is most likely to use wood with certificate such as phytosanitary certificate to testify all wood have pest controlled before shipped from supplier.

Second questions: whether wood is solid wood or compressed wood. solid wood is more resistant to bugs than compress wood if compressed wood is not sealed properly.

Third question: whether all wood are properly painted. based on furniture manufacturing process, wood should be dried properly before painting and after painting, if there is water inside wood, paint may crack after some time. Good painting will add extra protection again bug risk.

all Ibenma furniture are made from FSC wood with phytosanitary certicate. 100% solid pine wood with nontoxic water based paint.

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